Friday, July 10th

1pm Goat Show followed with Sheep Show
3pm Poultry Show followed with Rabbit Show
6pm Bucket Calf Show *exhibitors do NOT need to be in 4-H or Clover Kids*
6pm Swine Show

Sheep and Goats check-in at 12pm
*Market Sheep will be weighed for class determination*

Poultry and Rabbits check in at 2pm

Bucket Calves and Swine check-in at 4pm
*Market Hogs will be weighed for class determination


Saturday, July 11th

Time: 9am Beef Breeding, with Dairy and Market Steer shows to follow in that order

All livestock must be on grounds Saturday by 8am.

4-H members participating in the livestock shows are reminded to have all registration forms and fees postmarked 

  • livestock schedule 2020
  • Livestock Entry Form
  • Class List-Beef 2020
  • Class List-Bucket Calf 2020
  • Class List-Dairy 2020
  • Class List-Goat 2020
  • Class List-Poultry 2020
  • Class List-Rabbit 2020
  • Class List-Sheep 2020
  • Class List-Swine 2020